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2) Nutrientscure Twitter Report From March 10 To March 22 2013

This Nutrientscure Twitter Report From March 10 To March 22 2013 reflects the Twitter Activity on Nutrientscure for the period shown. This Report is helpful as a Management Tool for my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team in order to review our progress in setting up Multiple WordPress Websites. It is also helpful to others that may visit our Websites in order to get an idea of “what we are doing”.

Incidentally, while we are on “the Management Channel”, I find it worthy to note that a Recent Google Search of our Team’s Various WordPress Websites had a Single Standout Result.  This Result was for which got OVER 4 Million Results! Although only a fraction of these Results are for our Team’s Website, this fraction still represents a lot of Results! Apparently, this Idea of an Internet Woodstock is liked a lot by someone out there… and someone that is probably associated with Google! in some way! See these 4,000,000+ Hit Results for yourself by simply using Cut&Paste to put>>><<>>into a Google Search<<<.


1) Nutrientscure Twitter Report From Jan 24 To March 09 2013


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Allen Darman

Happy Camper AllenD in the dark with no teeth! on 3/7/2013 Puff Puff Pass 2 Those that do!

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